Peace is Dead EP

by Born A New

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1. 107
2. Dehumanized
3. G. I. F. T. (God Isn't Fixing This)
4. Death's Penalty (feat. Travis Tabron of Varials)
5. Mortuus Est. Pax (feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)
6. Inspirationless


released March 4, 2017

All Music Written By: Born A New
Tracking / Mixing / Mastering By: Randy Pasquarella at Pasquarella Recordings
Produced By: Randy Benitez & Randy Pasquarella
Artwork Created By: Daniel Wagner at D-Dub Designs
Copyright © 2017 Born A New



all rights reserved


Born A New New Jersey

Garden State Metal

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Track Name: 107
I expect nothing less from you.
Keep your pain in mind while I burn down your shrine.
I hope the spotlight burns to the bone. I want to see it hurt, I want to see it burn.

Beg god for mercy, cause I’m giving you none… none at all. If you weren’t there for me then why the fuck would I be there for you? Second chances only exist when the noose breaks or the chair quits.

Barbed wire fence wrapped around my life. It keeps them out and hurts to get in. Trust is a lost form in our world of currency. People only want in just to take and take away from me. It leaves me feeling lifeless.

Keep your pain in mind as I burn your shrine.
I hope the spot light burns to the bone. Hang me from the ceiling so I can’t see, my time is dwindling. I’m sick of letting people in, when there is no one at the end.

What am I worth? Just another sacrifice. I see struggle, I see pain. I know things I wish I did not know.
Track Name: Dehumanized
Hell on earth is what we’re accustomed to. The pain is real. The blind eye looks away. I hope you can sleep well knowing your children burned at the cost of the hem on your sheets. Blood on the flag, the colors extracted, we are divided. Nihilism infused in their bones. Time will only tell when we’re all infected.

The struggles we all suffer aren’t humane but we ignore the cries, and when you hear them cry another one dies. I can’t decided what I want to be. We all live, we all die divided. We are guilty, we are wrong, we are damned, we are filled with air.

From the ones we’ve killed to build these towers, we are divided. Freedom is a figure of speech, only given to those with power and you don’t even know. Underestimating death till your body turns to ash. I’m grateful for what I have but disappointed in what others don’t.

We’re born equal with un-equal opportunity, and that ain’t right. Be free with a noose around your neck, or oppressed with a target on your back.
Track Name: G. I. F. T. (God Isn't Fixing This)
Death of a generation. A population of the mentally deceased. Family after Family. Your ignorance engraved on your tomb.
Rest in peace, send your prayers. Empty words carry the torch. As the death toll rises so do the prayers. Too many go unanswered.

What happens when the clock counts down? It's do or die we're not meant to survive. Open your eyes. All faith lost in all mankind.

No faith, no sight, no peace of mind. A cyclops mind is consuming, our time. Humanity has lost its touch, we're dead inside. Stuck inside a casket of hate. Life's got no meaning, when you live to die. I'm dead, to the world above.

Leave worthless, with no name. We're sheep in line, for a better life promised on the other side.

What happens when the clock counts down? It's do or die we're not meant to survive. Open your eyes. All faith lost in all mankind.

Family after family. Worthless scum tarnish our names.
These dark times seem unbearable. We all live, in a world of black.
Track Name: Death's Penalty (feat. Travis Tabron of Varials)
Who allows you to take a life? We preach two wrongs don’t make a fucking right. If it means I’m entertained, we’ll watch you die and laugh at your pain. Can you live with the blood on your hands? Years come and go, spent rotting. Rotting in a world of black.

In darkness my anger is real. Malicious vultures, what do you feel? Curse a name or curse myself, search my thoughts while others search for help.
A fucking cloud above the city that only pours for you.

We take these things lightly, but they weigh heavy on our chest. How many times can you say R.I.P. till it’s fucking meaningless?
You’ll be gone, blacked out for good. We don’t care till it happens to us.

Everything is painless when desensitized. God bless ignorance, the weapon by our side. I’m drowning in guilt, skinned alive. Deprived of the truth the whole time. Death’s penalty: Being held alive, watching our world die.
Track Name: Mortuus Est. Pax (feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)
Paralyzed in your casket of hate. Asphyxiated by our selfish ways. Mirror my reality, see what I see and tell me if this is how it should be. Living with these people is much much worse than death could be. Living with these people, not even close to where I want to be.

Doves hang from nooses with not a question found. Efforts to make this world better are rotting in hell. Melt the ice caps, drown the glaciers in greed. Ignore the facts until your self entitled body sees.

Brick by brick. We’re put into place. Fall in line, condemned you will be. Money spent on education of sheep. Forced to sit and not speak. Question authority, find the answers you seek. We’re cemented together against our will. Just more meat for the melting pot.

If you can’t handle death, you can’t handle life. The truth is straight black and white. Doves are extinct, our nation the burial ground. Represented by income and doubt. Stripped of our bones and mind, the American dream drilled inside. Others starve as I eat. Not a worry in sight cause I’m alright.

Selfish is the red, white, and blue way. Problems will arise when there is no room for all the bodies to hide. Glaciers are drowning, militia’s forming. We are dead.
Track Name: Inspirationless
What the fuck does trust mean anyway? You're dead inside. I can't escape this, you mean nothing to me. No one will save you. I'll destroy everything before you get a chance to think.

Your mind is dead, your body empty. You've got nothing to lose when the only one in the world that cares about you, is you.

So fuck forgiving, please never forget. We're the ones you've tormented and put into fear. I won't forget but in the end you'll be the one filled with fucking regret.

You can't take this back. It's a scar that won't heal. Your mind is dead, your body empty. You've got nothing to lose when the only one in the world that cares about you, is you.

So you better think again, best make your words wise. Before the world sees you in your fucking disguise. Pain has a fucking face. I am pain.